washington jewish museum portfolio 1


  • Build online museum to house the Washington State Jewish Historical Society’s hundreds of stories and artifacts to make them publicly available.
  • Understand audience.
  • Establish content types.
  • Find proper software applications to satisfy needs.


  • Validated existing assumptions through user research and potential audience survey (received 220 responses).
  • Worked with stakeholders to assess society and audience needs, how those needs would benefit their audience, then constructed engagement strategy.
  • Developed personas, information architecture, and user experience architecture.


  • Small budget.
  • Tying together multiple web systems.
  • Security and privacy.


  • Transformative WordPress site changed how the Washington State Jewish Historical Society tells its stories and interacts with the public.
  • Secondary museum-grade site with batch upload feature for housing digital artifacts.

I researched, designed and built site as a consultant for the Washington State Jewish Historical Society. You can download a version of the Content Strategy I created for sustaining the site here. In addition, as part of this project, I created fifty exhibit boards for the WSJHS’s fundraising event with content that would eventually become a part of the museum. This is one of the many boards where I interviewed the subject and wrote the copy for the display.