Eviva portfolio


  • Build customer journey for company rebranding effort.
  • Generate new leads for medical practice.


  • Assessed audience needs through provided user research and personas.
  • Worked with account, design and development teams to understand budget and limitations in build.
  • Built sitemap and information architecture through multiple iterations and client changes.
  • Built wireframes that created new customer journey to pass onto design and development teams.


  • Distilling morass of content and design choices from previous site to consistent, simple flow.
  • Simplification of user flow with multiple forks into single path.
  • Limited number of templates desired by client could lead to design complexity.
  • Multiple scope and content changes by client throughout process.


Beautiful new site led to uptick in lead generation and roadmap to future functionality.

Built through joint collaboration of Garrigan Lyman Group and T-Mobile. I served as UX architect