The evolution of the T-Mobile user interface
The evolution of the T-Mobile user interface


  • Create workflow to ease process of switching to T-Mobile.
  • Focus on sales conversions based on call center interactions over online shopping cart.


  • Learned about user base in project: Customer service call center agents, call service managers, and prospective customers.
  • Worked through use cases of on- and off-hours scenarios.
  • Whiteboarded iterations of solutions, then built high-fidelity wireframes to pass on to development team.


  • Fulfilling use cases of on-hours and off-hours call scenarios.
  • Making decisions as to how potential customers can interact via phone and online.
  • Not all scenarios had been thought through by client, meaning that some UX solutions had to be discarded until the technology caught up.


  • Campaign validated client assumptions that inbound calling works as viable solution.
  • Set a UX basis for future campaigns utilizing callbacks.

Built through joint collaboration of Garrigan Lyman Group and T-Mobile. I served as UX architect. This UX copy deck shows the workflow and script that customer service agents would use for one aspect of the customer journey.