Even before I knew what content strategy, as a term, even was, I was engaged in providing content strategy. Whether we’re talking about style guides, content audits, or setting an editorial direction, I’ve worked in the weeds to ensure that the content—and the medium—provide the message. These documents reflect various areas of a content strategy both in my work running JTNews and for clients.

JTNews Content Strategy

Getting into JTNews was a document of tips for community members and organizations wishing to submit information to us. Think of it as a guide for user-generated content.Growth Strategies is a strategic document for moving forward following a difficult fiscal year but attempting to create growth in the organization by using content as a revenue strategy and improving the online experience for multiple web properties.The Jewish Sound Migration Presentation outlined the strategy for a rebranding of our site and how that would be implemented, including the audit of which content would be migrated.JTNews Workflow Practices was an instructional document to help staffers get the print version of our news publication ready to go to press.

Client work

The Washington Jewish Museum comes from the Washington State Jewish Historical Society, which brought me in to create a site that showcases all of the organization’s assets while allowing them to collect stories online and update their collections management systems. Given that previously, WSJHS had only been able to share its collections to limited audiences at one-time events, this site will be transformative for the organization’s ability to expand its mission to a larger, broader audience. I provided digital strategy, all of the user experience and interaction design, content strategy, and the web development.

This content audit for the American Jewish Press Association is a comprehensive look at the current site with recommendations for improving or eliminating each page on the site.